Bilingual Children’s books in German and English

Children are fascinated by riddles.

They are curious by nature and eager to learn. Children love to play guessing games. Such is the purpose of the series “Pinos Kinderratebücher”. A major advantage is that the books introduce the English language to children in a bilingual setting.

In this series, children in the Pre- or primary school are playfully introduced to occupations in various sectors. Pino the parrot accompanies the lovingly illustrated books through the world of professions and provides information on the activities and places of work which help in guessing the occupations.

The curiosity of children and their playful interaction with these books is designed to support children in learning and gaining knowledge. Incidentally, children learn, thanks to the bilingual structure of the riddles, first words and phrases in English. An educationally valuable experience, so take a guess!

In this series, the following six books have been published:

Unsere beliebten Kinderratebücher