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Transport professions


Who brings us safely to our destination? Who is traveling on tracks all day? And who is digging the hole in the ground on a construction site?

The following occupations have to be guessed by the children:

  • Seemann, a sailor
  • Pilot, an airline pilot
  • Zugführer, a train driver
  • Busfahrerin, a bus driver
  • Baggerfahrer a digger driver.

These and other questions are being dealt with in the book about professions that have to do with transportation. Children can, along with the description of parrot Pino, guess in German and English, which profession the requested person carries out, and this way get to know different jobs.

The children’s book author and social scientist Aditi Kataria has incorporated her experience in education in the children’s books of this series. After studying English Literature and Education she worked among others as a teacher. In this framework, she tested and already developed puzzles as a learning method and came up with the idea to write guessing books for children. A pedagogically valuable guessing fun!